New Jersey is an "Employment First State".  This means that competitive employment is the first and preferred post education activity for everyone, including people with disabilities. 


Our Services  


   ALEXANDER'S VISION will meet with you to discuss what services you need now and what your future goals are.  We will help you work within your budget to allow you to participate in activities you enjoy or learn skills that may lead to employment.

   We will complete the NJ Individualized Service Plan and Person Centered Planning Tool to submit for approval within 30 days of our first meeting.  

   We will continually monitor on a monthly basis your satisfaction with your services you are purchasing, if there are any new needs or changes in your health, so that we can assist as needed.

   We will  ask and remind you of Medicaid eligibility requirements to be sure that you maintain continuity of services. 

Required Planning Documents


Support Coordination is the service of identifying, developing, coordinating and accessing supports and services on behalf of individuals.


Alexander's Vision delivers 1:1 services with our skilled staff and includes assistance with basic self-care skills such as shaving, getting dressed, doing chores such as meal preparation and laundry, on-the-job etiquette, and community-based activities such as recreation, restaurants, shopping and socialization. Alexander's Vision can find the staff or the family can recommend qualified staff.


PARENTS, legal guardians, close relatives, and friends are permitted to become paid caregivers for their loved ones to go on outings in the community and socialize with their peers. It is an opportunity for an individual to become an active member of their community. your paragraph here.

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